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Facial Skincare Workshop ~ 1 Day

  • ~SUMMER~ You will create and take away 4 incredible natural products that are specifically designed for your (or whichever) skin type to you’d like to create products for. In our facial skincare workshops you will be gently guided through making a range of products that you can use every day, plus a bonus product for special occasions. You’ll learn how to make a: 1.Nourishing Facial Moisturiser 2.Rejuvenating Face Scrub 3.Deep Nurturing Facial Oil 4.Silky Lip Balm And the*Bonus Product* 5.Super Beneficial Facial Serum ~WINTER~ In our winter workshop you’ll make nourishing and luxurious products designed for your specific skin type (or any other that you wish to make for). These skincare and beauty products will be enriched for protection during the winter months. You will be gently guided through the exciting and easy to follow workshop to make 4 wonderful products, plus a bonus for extra special occasions treat yourself with, just because you deserve it. You’ll create and take away: 1.Nurturing Facial Moisturiser 2.Deep Cleansing Rassoul Clay Face Mask 3.Facial Oil 4.Silky Protective Lip Balm And the*Bonus Product* 5.Wild Rose Beauty Balm (cleanser, treatment mask, super duper moisturiser)
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